The refreshed Company of Good website now boasts a whole new look and features that help you give better.

Get inspired by others with Stories of Good

CoG Stories of Good

Scroll through a treasure trove of corporate giving stories to get ideas on how to develop meaningful and impactful corporate giving initiatives. Find out what other corporates are doing to give back to society regardless of size or budget – there are endless ways to give back!

If your company is making a difference and doing something newsworthy in the giving space, you can sign up for an account and submit your stories to us for a chance to be featured.

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Get together with others and Collaborate for Good

CoG Collaborate

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This well known phrase by Aristotle is the driving force behind the Collaborate for Good section. It gives companies a platform to share opportunities and partner others on their giving journey. Leveraging on each other’s strengths and expertise, collaborations amplify and multiply the positive impact one can achieve.

You need to be signed in as a member to post or participate in the activities, so sign up for an account today. It’s free and only takes a minute or two.

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Get a reality check with the Giving Profile quiz

CoG Giving Profile quiz

Unsure where your company’s corporate giving efforts stand in relation to others? Five minutes is all you need to find out what type of giver your company is in relation to the The Company of Good 4 “I”s framework – Integration, investment, institutionalisation, impact. The Giving Profile helps companies identify areas of strength and improvement to enable them to give in more strategic, sustainable and impactful ways.