Cheatsheet: Issues Faced By The Elderly In Singapore

This cheatsheet gives a quick overview of worrying trends and emerging concerns affecting the elderly in Singapore.

Designed to provide a snapshot of the sector, NVPC’s ‘Elderly Cheatsheet’ provides a bite-sized summary of the different issues faced by the elderly in Singapore. It includes key statistics on topics such as financial security of the elderly, employment and employability of seniors, dementia, end of life care and ageism. It also highlights gaps and identifies existing government and community initiatives that seek to address these. 

Download or print out this cheatsheet as a handy resource.  

Cheatsheet: Issues Faced By The Elderly in Singapore is part of a series of three cheatsheets produced by NVPC covering the Elderly, Children and Youth, and People with Disabilities. These are meant to complement NVPC’s more in-depth issue reports on the three causes.