As we indulge and celebrate during this festive period, let’s not forget there are othe​rs out there who are not as fortunate. Here are eight ways how you can bring them some festive cheer and add meaning to your celebrations:

1. #AngPowGiving


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For children, one of the most exciting parts of Chinese New Year is collecting angpows. Teach your child to extend this generosity by apportioning a part of their angpow money, or just one angpow, to a charity of their choice. A little angpow can go a long way!

Donate your pre-loved items


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Out with the old, and in with the new! Another important Chinese New Year tradition is spring cleaning. But before you throw your old things out, check if they’re still in good condition. If they are, consider donating the items to these seven places.

3. Give your time


While we may be surrounded by loved ones throughout the 15 days of celebration, there are some who are not so lucky. Find volunteering opportunities on, and spend some time with those who do not have anyone to celebrate with.

4. Donate your mahjong winnings

A popular activity during Chinese New Year is mahjong. Instead of keeping your winnings, why not donate your earnings to a charity of your choice?

5. Embrace the kampong spirit


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Invite your neighbours over. Chinese New Year is a great occasion to catch up with them over food. Toss some yusheng together!

6. Cook for someone else


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Extend your generosity beyond your family and friends by cooking a simple pot of curry and giving it to your cleaner, gardener or security guard.

7. Go green


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Don’t just throw away your angpows after you open them. Reuse them to make some creative handicrafts instead!

8. Spread the message of doing good


Photo Credit: Sengkang Neighbourhood Police Centre (via Facebook)

This simple message by the Sengkang Neighbourhood Police Centre became viral when it was released on social media. We certainly hope that everyone heeds Bill’s advice and make this Chinese New Year a crime-free one! #BelikeBill