​​From inspiring individuals to the nation coming together to distribute food and drinks to the hundreds of thousands who queued to pay respects to the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew, 2015 saw a series of eventful giving episodes.

1. Acts of kindness from migrant workers

Migrant workers make the world a better place to live in. Despite spending all day under the hot sun working hard to build our homes, offices and malls, they still make the effort to be kind towards Singaporeans, like in this picture where a migrant worker helped an elderly lady up the bus.

2. Thank you, Singapore


When the nation came together to pay respects to our late founding father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, it was not just scenes of mourning that we saw. We saw the nation come together to show that we are truly a #CityofGood.

From businesses giving out refreshments to taxi uncles giving free rides home to those who braved the weather to wait in the queue to pay their respects, the Singapore spirit shone bright!

3. Giving has no limits


Photo Credit: The Straits Times

Who says that just because you receive help, you can’t, in turn, help someone else? The students at MINDS’ Lee Kong Chian Gardens School paid it forward by volunteering at an old folks’ home and bringing a lot of fun and laughter to the seniors.

Another reminder that no matter how much or little we have, we all can make a difference in someone’s life.

4. Honesty is still the best policy


Photo Credit: The Straits Times

We’ve heard tales of taxi drivers going the extra mile, whether it’s lending money to passengers who forget their wallet or returning items left behind by passengers. Our hearts were warmed again when months ago, another taxi driver brought back Hong Kong actor Chapman To’s wallet to his hotel. Stories like these make us feel proud to be Singaporean!

5. Kindness in the midst of calamity


Photo Credit: News24

When a bombing took place in Bangkok’s famous Erawan Shrine in August, the world was badly shaken.

But amid the grief, confusion and uncertainty, we also witnessed the spirit of humanity. People came forward to donate blood, give free motorcycle taxi rides to those going back and forth to the hospitals, and offered translation services for hospital staff.

Faith in humanity restored!

6. Never too old to volunteer


This year, we introduced new categories for our President’s Volunteerism & Philanthropy Awards. One of them celebrates senior volunteers.

Meet Mr Ngiam Tong Yuen, the inaugural winner in this category. Driven by humility and generosity, he has volunteered at various professional bodies. He has also contributed extensively to RSVP, the organisation of senior volunteers, leading a project this year to expand the organisation’s Senior Volunteer Week to National Senior Volunteer Month!

7. #CelebrateGiving


As Singapore turned 50 this year, we recognise it as a giving nation through various unique, simple and meaningful acts of giving. Let’s live and breathe the spirit of giving in this #CityofGood!

8. Never too young to give


Remember the story of how a 12-year-old boy who had to take on the role of both parents and the brother when his mother fell sick? We couldn’t help but go awwwww!

9. Giving begets kindness


Photo Credit: The Straits Times

Lots of tears were shed for the victims of the Sabah quake, but again, the disaster brought out the kindness in everyone. We were moved by the stories the Malaysian mountain guides who helped the staff and students.

To thank the heroes, the family of one of the deceased students, Rachel Ho, gave all the donations from her wake to them.

10. #GivingWeek


Photo Credit: PM Lee’s Instagram Page

We kicked off December with a week of giving and everyone got involved.

The cast of Crazy Christmas – A groundNUTCRACKER gave the gift of song and laughter at their shows. Online grocery concierge service Honestbee delivered 700 bags of groceries to low-income families.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong also did his part to raise awareness with a post on his Facebook page.