Are there ways we can give to others daily? As Giving Week draws nearer, The Giving Week Challenge highlights four simple ways we can give each day.

Imagine what we can do in a week. Every day, we encounter an endless stream of opportunities to give – from the moment we start our day at work or at play, when having a meal, while shopping and even during our conversations. These little acts, when multiplied by millions, make a world of difference.

Giving doesn’t have to be over-the-top. It need not occur on a grand scale to be effective. A simple uplifting message or a pleasant smile can be impactful too.

This is why we encourage you to take up The Giving Week Challenge between 1 and 7 October 2019. It’s a social media movement to show that giving can be simple yet meaningful.

You can be the voice who will inspire others to join in!

Our challenges are:

Challenge #1: Treat someone to lunch

Give back to someone who has treated you to lunch, or invite your new colleague for a meal. Mealtimes serve as great opportunities to get to know someone new, or catch up with an old friend.

Challenge #2: Share your umbrella

’re sure looking forward to rain this hazy season! But have you ever found yourself stuck in a heavy downpour without an umbrella? If you encounter someone who doesn’t have one, be a kind soul and share your brolly.

Challenge #3: Compliment someone

Pep talks help. Has there been a time where kind words unexpectedly made your day? Be generous with your words. If you feel someone deserves a compliment, express it aloud.

Challenge #4: Hold the door for a stranger

Sometimes, people need a hand. Especially when a parent is carrying heavy groceries, a student is holding a pile of books, or a senior is lugging many items. Take notice and hold the door for them.

When you’ve completed any of these challenges, share about them and tag #thegivingweekchallenge and @givingweeksg on Instagram or Facebook. Trust us, you won’t feel embarrassed. Instead, it’s a chance to be open to how giving can change both you and those around you!

The Giving Week Challenge is a social media movement, a lead-up to Giving Week. Giving Week is a national movement that celebrates the spirit of giving, and seeks to make giving part of our way of life. It is a time when brands, non-profits and people give and share their time, talent, treasure and voice to support any cause they are passionate about in all ways, big and small.

Giving Week will be back again from 1 to 7 December 2019. Stay tuned next month for more details. For now, take part in this month’s challenge!