Way before corporate social responsbility became a buzzword, Asia Pacific Breweries was already committed to giving back to the community, setting up the APB Foundation over 20 years ago.

Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore (APB Singapore), home of Tiger Beer, is helping to build a better world with its philanthropic work.

Before corporate social responsibility (CSR) started hogging media headlines, APB was already on the scene.

APB Foundation was set up in 1994, and one of its flagship programmes is the APB Foundation Scholarship for Persons with Disabilities, which started in 2004.

The foundation teamed up with the Society for the Physically Disabled, which now operates under the name SPD, to offer three scholarships worth S$12,000 per annum which are awarded to students with disabilities over the course of their undergraduate studies.

Josiah Ong, a business administration undergraduate at the National University of Singapore (NUS), was more than just one of the beneficiaries of the APB Foundation Scholarship; he was on the company’s payroll as an intern as well. . .

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