Mediacorp artiste Ya Hui lends her star appeal for a charitable cause.

Since winning the Miss Telegenic Award at Star Search 2007, Mediacorp actress Ya Hui, 28, has been making a name in local television dramas and comedy shows, such as 118 and Life Is Beautiful.

When the fresh-faced lass is not filming, she is volunteering with the St. John’s Home for Elderly Persons. In fact, she launched a fundraising campaign to build a new home for the more than 90 seniors there.


“It all started in March 2015 when members of my fan-club TeamYahui and I went to St John’s Home for volunteer work. I felt attached to the elderly people and enjoyed listening to some of their inspiring life stories,” says Ya Hui.

“Chew Lian from St John’s Home approached me and asked if I was interested to start a campaign to help them raise funds. The idea excited me as I thought this was worth doing for a good cause.”

The response was overwhelming, and they raised more than the $5,000 target. Ya Hui believes the campaign’s success is because of her kind-hearted friends and fans.