And how would you use your powers to make Singapore a City of Good?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Avengers storyline recently came to an end. Who knew that stories about superheroes could remind us of our own virtues, flaws and humanity?

The Avengers show us that while superpowers are cool, true greatness isn’t about fancy weaponry and slick Vibranium suits. It’s about compassion and having a good heart.

What if you were an Avenger? How would you ‘save the world’? Read on to see which character you resonate most with!

Iron Man

Source: Variety

Are you Iron Man? You are the one who has everything, namely wealth and success, yet you use your gifts for the betterment of society. You are a smart person, who may become cynical or selfish every now and then. But upon deeper reflection, you are the hero that comes to impress in the most unsuspecting of ways…

Tips if you relate to Iron Man: Find out where you can make the biggest difference in your community. If you can relate to Iron Man’s soft spot for the teenage Spiderman, then you may like campaigns that let you help underprivileged children like “Help the children at Carenights” and “Support Children Under Epworth Student Care”.

Captain America

Source: CNet

Are you Captain America? When Steve Rogers was chosen as the soldier to receive the ‘super serum’, it wasn’t because Steve was the strongest, fastest or smartest. It’s because he was the most principled. Throughout the films, Captain America has proven to be a compassionate, courageous and noble leader, ready to help and protect those around him.

If you are like Captain America…: You have natural instincts to become a great leader. Encourage and be a role model for others. Assemble your own “Avengers” – start your own fundraising campaign on and invite friends to support you.

Black Widow

Source: NME

Are you Black Widow? You are a strong person who’s battled challenges and hardships, and know what you want. Instead of following other people’s orders, you are clear about your motives and the relationships you want to build with the community around you. This has made you incredibly self-aware of the causes you support, and why you will stop at nothing to help them.

If you are like Black Widow…: Self-doubt gets you every now and then. Surround yourself with others (like Captain America!) who believe in how you can contribute for the better. Help organisations like Gladiolus Place, which rehabilitates girls who come from broken families. Be a role model to other young girls in Singapore though supporting initiatives that empower women!


Source: Bustle

Are you Hulk? You are the quiet one in your group of friends – until you are aggravated by a snide comment or an opinion you strongly disagree with. Then hell hath no fury! Some people believe you discover your passions through finding out “What makes you angry?” Whether it’s addressing elderly suicide, or ensuring offenders have befrienders, you are a vocal campaigner for what you believe in.

If you are like Hulk…: Instead of getting caught up in your strong emotions, channel that passion into a useful direction. Explore How can you support the causes you are passionate about and campaign alongside others?


Source: Insider

Are you Thor? You may not have always lived in Singapore, so some issues that face this little red dot may appear odd. But it does not make you any less sure of what’s right or what you stand for. When people first meet you, you may seem serious and broody. But once they get to know you, they can count on you to bring light-heartedness to any situation!

If you are like Thor…: With your wacky sense of humour, you may have a knack for cheering up others. How about drinking ‘Kopi’ with Society of the Aged Sick?