The next time you are at Marina Bay Sands, take a walk through its Art Path​, which is lined with 11 large-scale installations. The display is part of the integrated resort’s ongoing efforts to make art accessible to the public.

Even before its doors opened in 2010, Marina Bay Sands (MBS) had plans to integrate art into its design and business strategy. It commissioned 10 large-scale art installations to be created by seven internationally renowned artists. Another installation was added in July 2014.

The artworks are displayed along the Marina Bay Sands Art Path, which extend from the 23-storey atrium in the hotel towers to outside the buildings, creating a breathtaking path through the integrated resort.

To strengthen its commitment to making art accessible to the public, amplify appreciation of the Art Path and encourage art literacy, MBS has a long-term partnership with Art Outreach Singapore, which conducts Art Path tours for local schools on a pro-bono basis. In 2015, 14 tours for over 680 primary and secondary school students were conducted. MBS employees are also actively engaged to volunteer in these tours.

MBS, a member of Company of Good, was also one of the first two corporate donors to partner the Public Art Trust, an initiative of the National Arts Council, to raise awareness of and promote the development of public art in Singapore. It resulted in a commissioned piece titled Cloud Nine: Raining by Singaporean Artist Tan Wee Lit, which reflects Singapore’s heritage and can be found along the Jubilee Walk, an 8km heritage trail.

It makes perfect business sense for MBS to support the arts sector, as it has the perfect space to integrate art into their day-to-day business. But more than that, MBS also hopes to nurture and inspire the next generation of talent. It has the ability to do so in so many ways – whether it’s through its ArtScience Musuem, which gives local artists an international platform, or by collaborating with organisers such as Art Stage to bring the global art community to Singapore.

MBS’ corporate social responsibility programme, Sands for Singapore, also plays an active role in volunteerism and keeping the spirit of giving alive. It supports a variety of charities and causes, including those related to youth and education.

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