Annual pinnacle awards that celebrates giving revamps its Group category – introducing 2 more winners

This year, the President’s Volunteerism & Philanthropy Awards (PVPA) has 8 winners in total.

The Group category is revamped to introduce two sub-categories for the Corporate: for SME and Large Enterprise respectively. The “Educational Institution” award is added for the first time; and “Informal Group” award is renamed “Kampong Spirit” to recognise local heroes.

Singapore, 2 November 2016 – President ToThe Group category is revamped to introduce two sub-categories for the Corporate: for SME and Large Enterprise respectively. The “Educational Institution” award is added for the first time; and “Informal Group” award is renamed “Kampong Spirit” to recognise local heroes.ny Tan Keng Yam will present the annual President’s Volunteerism & Philanthropy Awards (PVPA) to eight winners who have demonstrated excellence in giving back to the community.

Organised annually by the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC), the fifth run of PVPA celebrates a fresh league of exemplary givers: Alvin Yapp (Winner for Kampong Spirit, formerly known as Informal Group award), Jack Sim (Winner for Individual Category, Adult), Lim Hang Chung (Winner for Individual Category, Senior), Noor Mastura (Winner for Individual Category, Youth), Samsui Supplies & Services (Winner for Corporate, SME); Singapore Power (Winner for Corporate, Large Enterprise); Singapore Management University (Winner for Educational Institution, new category); and SPD (Winner for Non-Profit Organisation). Their spirit of giving paves the way towards a giving nation as PVPA continues to inspire Singaporeans, through the examples of winners whose work in giving; attitudes, values and beliefs embody the spirit of giving.

The new “Kampong Spirit” award (formerly known as the “Informal Group”) reflects the warm and generous spirit of helping one another that was common in kampong communities of yesteryears. The impetus for adding the “Educational Institution” award is to recognise the significant influence that educational institutions have in shaping formative experiences of contribution. An average youth spends 18 years or more in school and many learn to give and serve in these enabling environments.

Moving in tandem with Singapore’s evolving giving landscape, NVPC revamps the Group category to introduce two sub-categories for the Corporate: Winner for SME and Large Enterprise respectively. The SME award seeks to recognise the often innovative and inspiring models of smaller companies which despite their sizes, create meaningful impact in the communities.

Melissa Kwee, CEO of NVPC said, “This year, we honor another group of givers who celebrate the spirit of giving. Individuals and organisations that make us proud. They are the examples of the true Singapore spirit.”

Everyone can give

Enlivening the Awards Presentation Ceremony on 9 November 2016, we have lined up performers from diverse backgrounds. Their participation are expressions of love, gifts of compassion, gifts of service that reflect our values of inclusivity – that everyone, young or old can give.

The entertainment is thoughtfully curated to capture the PVPA spirit. Our volunteer hosts are Eunice Olsen and Muhd Aqram, an 18-year-old student of Eden School who was the co-emcee at Community Chest Heartstrings Walk 2016. The opening performance will see an unconventional pairing of a transformed ex-offender, Azmi Hassan with the Singapore Police Force band. Azmi is a talented singer-song writer who has triumphed over life challenges. The courageous spirit and achievement of these performers add to the celebrative spirit that the PVPA entails. Social enterprise, Metta Café and Benny Se Teo are sponsoring delectable canapés for the reception and the marmalade recipe for the door gifts respectively. Benny Se Teo was one of the celebrity chefs back in PVPA 2013.

The 300 guests from the various sectors will end a heart-warming evening with us at the Shangri-la Hotel Singapore on 9 November 2016.

The PVPA 2016 winners are:

a. President’s Award for Corporate (Large Enterprise)
Singapore Power

Gift of Power – Singapore Power levels up in its corporate giving. Today, Singapore Power has harnessed this ‘sustainability’ power and raised more than $12 million and helped over 31,000 beneficiaries through community outreach programmes. Notably, Singapore Power has contributed 9,000 volunteers’ hours, contributed to low-income families, children needs, partnered Community Chest to help needy elderly.

b. President’s Award for Corporate (SME)
Samsui Supplies & Services Pte Ltd

Gift of Food – Innovating in their food delivery services, Samsui prepare meals for the non-profit organisations, and delivers them to Singapore Christian Home, The Salvation Army, Peacehaven Nursing Home, APSN Centre for Adults, Ren Ci Nursing Home and SWAMI Home. For Samsui, food is a love language to reach out to their beneficiaries. This November, Samsui is running a fundraising campaign on, “Makan Project” to donate tasty and nutritious meals to the less fortunate.

c. President’s Award for Non-Profit Organisation

Walking the Talk – SPD believes in walking the talk towards sustained collaboration efforts. 200 staff contributed 1,000 hours of community service at various NPOs. They spearheaded programmes that support people across disability types and prepare them for employment through therapy and other support. SPD also jointly manages TechAble that provides assistive technology and advisory services for persons with disabilities using info-comm technology for independent living.

d. President’s Award for Kampong Spirit
Project Intan

Loving Thy Neighbour – Blending innovation with the love of Peranakan culture and music, social entrepreneur, Alvin Yapp brings people together for good causes. “Project Intan” hosts guests at a Peranakan home-museum for food and entertainment in exchange for donation towards charities. Additionally, Project Intan’s KidzREACH programme has reached out to families and youth-at-risk living in the heartlands. 

e. President’s Award for Educational Institution
Singapore Management University (SMU)

Creating ripples with “251 human years” – What social impact can one create with “251 human years”? Positive ripples effects go beyond academics. SMU has a novel practice that invites students to complete 80 hours of compulsory community service.  Over the past 15 years, SMU students have contributed nearly 2.3 million hours in service both locally and overseas and made a difference in someone’s life. The Centre for Social Responsibility (C4SR) works with senior students and 500 freshmen to be involved in community service even before term starts. Last year, 250 senior students reached out to over 5,000 children, elderly and people with disabilities from 18 non-profit organisations.

f. President’s Award for Individual (Youth)
Noor Mastura

Creating Conversations through Interfaith Youth Circle – Noor Mastura co-founded Back2Basics, a grocery delivery to disadvantaged families of different faith backgrounds. In 2015, she spearheaded Interfaith Youth Circle (IYC) through a campaign motivating Muslims to open their homes to strangers of other faiths or those without a place to celebrate Eid al Fitr. She hopes to unite friends and strangers to address social good through religious harmony, and inspiring Singapore. IYC organised Scriptural Reasoning which originates from Cambridge University and gathered people of different faiths to come for facilitated conversations on a common theme.

g. President’s Award for Individual (Adult)
Jack Sim

Gift of Nutrition – Serial innovator and social entrepreneur, Jack Sim founded World Toilet Organization (WTO) to bridge existing toilet associations operating in other countries. WTO grew and eventually birthed a social enterprise arm, SaniShop, which trains communities in Africa, Cambodia, India to produce low-cost latrines and treatment system. Today, Jack has pioneered a new programme, “45Rice” to improve the nutrition of foreign workers in the construction industry. With this novel initiative, he worked with employers to give meals directly to their workers. He is currently running a crowd-funding campaign on, in partnership with raiSE to bring in fortified rice for caterers to prepare nutritious and palatable meals to the workers.

h. President’s Award for Individual (Senior)
Lim Hang Chung

Gift of Service and Peace – With a servant-hearted spirit, Mr Lim Hang Chung has been serving actively and caring for the sick. He founded Cheng Hong Welfare Service Society (CHWSS) with one TCM centre and six TCM clinics to offer free consultations, acupuncture and medication to the public, regardless of race or religion. He collaborated with Willing Hearts Kitchen to distribute weekly meals to 200 seniors. In 2012, Mr Lim spearheaded a pro bono Afterlife Memorial Service that funds and organises funeral arrangements of the needy and disadvantaged. Today, the gift of service and peace has benefited more than 77 people and their families; Mr Lim hopes to inspire and mentor a younger generation who can continue his vision that all Singaporeans may have dignity in death. 

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