This year, Giving Week turns 3! Before we share details of what to expect, let’s get to know the people behind this movement: Michiyo Suzuki and Puar Si Liang!

Did you know? Giving Week is part of the global #GivingTuesday movement. Singapore was the first Asian country to be part of this movement, and we’re also the only country to ambitiously stretch a day of giving into a week!

This year, Giving Week turns 3. Planning started months ago, and once again, we have a whole line-up of festival events and campaigns for Singapore. We’ll be sharing details of what you can expect next month. But first, let’s get to know the people behind this movement: Michiyo Suzuki and Puar Si Liang!


What does Giving Week mean to you?

Michiyo Suzuki (MS): Giving Week provides a gateway for anyone to take that small step and give. We hope to see everyone come together in small ways and make a difference – just like the saying goes “one small step for [a] man, and one giant leap for mankind!”

We hope to squash the misconceptions that giving is difficult and time consuming – because it’s not!


Co-Lead, Giving Week

What is your dream for Giving Week?

Puar Si Liang (SL): Honestly, success to me means that NVPC no longer has to organise Giving Week, because giving has already been infused into our social fabric and become second nature to all of us.

But realistically, the dream is that everyone in Singapore (and beyond) takes part in some form of giving – whether it’s making a donation, supporting a social enterprise or just learning about a certain cause. We can then recognise ourselves not just as a kiasu, pragmatic society, but also one that is caring and generous.

Tell us about YOUR best Giving Week experience?

MS: It’s the week itself! We go around the island, joining in as many of our partners’ giving campaigns. It’s exhausting, but you always end up being so inspired. It’s amazing to see people genuinely caring about their community and Singapore. We’ve got students who feel strongly about a cause and will rally friends to start a ground up movement, to employees constantly asking how can they do more and add more meaning to their giving.

What have you learnt?

SL: Givers today are looking for more varied ways to give. The traditional methods may not work so well anymore, and we need to keep up with this new wave. Every year, Giving Week looks a little different because we are trying to stay at the front of the wave.

What do individuals have to look forward to this year?

SL: We have a much larger festival line-up! There will be more tours of places you never gave a second thought to here in Singapore; more restaurants, apps and business that are joining the movement.

We’re also sharing stories that will introduce you to some of the great people and charities doing amazing work to make our home a better place for all.