Address by Mrs Mildred Tan at YMCA-NUS Business School Volunteer Service Management Programme Commencement Ceremony

NVPC’s Chairman Mrs Mildred Tan’s speech at YMCA-NUS Business School Volunteer Service Management Programme Commencement Ceremony

Mr Leslie Wong, Vice President, YMCA of Singapore 

Ladies and Gentlemen, a very good evening to you.

It is my honour to be here to celebrate with the graduands of the YMCA – NUS Business School Volunteer Service Management Programme June & September 2015 intake. Having gone through this training, I hope you now have a better idea of how to plan, manage your work and garner more support from the various stakeholders that you work with. Above all, always keep in mind your purpose and motivation for your involvement in this sector.

Voluntary welfare organisations or VWOs in Singapore face many challenges, such as shortage of manpower, complexity of case work, and the need for good corporate governance. With scarce resources, VWOs must use their creativity to overcome these challenges and translate them into positive outcomes, and bring the sector to the next level. The VSMP is a good training programme that helps to lay the foundation for volunteers and staff in the social service sector to enhance their professional skills and experiences, so that they are better equipped to serve.

 As an integral part of all community initiatives, volunteers help to meet social and community needs. They are a complementary resource that works alongside social service staff to build the community. With the VSMP training, volunteers and staff can create sustainable improvements and grow in their respective roles.

Thus it gives me great pleasure to be here tonight to join the YMCA of Singapore and the NUS Business School in celebrating the graduation of the 2015 participants of the YMCA-NUS Business School Volunteer Service Management Programme, which is a testament of your dedication to give your very best to a make a difference in the community.

 At the same time, I am very heartened to see both YMCA and NUS Business School continue this effort to nurture servant leaders, and its impact has been proven through the continued success of the programme. The long-term partnership between YMCA, NUS Business School and its alumni is a good illustration of how the NPO can leverage on the strengths of each other and work in synergy to benefit the community more effectively.

Once again, my heartfelt congratulations to the graduates of the NUS Business School-YMCA Volunteer Service Management Programme 2015. I wish you all success and I hope that you will continue to grow in your learning journeys and serve the beneficiaries to the best of your abilities.

Thank you.