Samsui Central Kitchen @ Changi Prison Complex was set up by a melting pot of private, public sectors and non-profit organisations, coming together for good.

If you’re part of the Orange is the New Black (OITNB) fandom, you’ll know that the prison kitchen features so heavily within the series, it should have its own name in the opening credits. So how different is a reel and real life prison kitchen?

We give you the scoop, closer to home at Samsui Central Kitchen @ Changi Prison Complex. Find out how this prison kitchen has cooked up a winning recipe in helping the elderly age with grace, while rehabilitating inmates.

The collaboration between Company of Good members – Samsui Supplies & Services and Standard Chartered Bank, including the statutory board, Singapore Corporation of Rehabilitative Enterprises (SCORE) – draws on each entity’s skills and expertise to both rehabilitate and reintegrate inmates, while serving beneficiaries from Touch Community Services, Salvation Army and Peacehaven Nursing Home.

This tripartite collaboration leverages the three partners’ respective strengths and resources to deliver sustainable long-term impact to the community.

  • Samsui uses its F&B experience to train inmates in their culinary skills
  • SCORE facilitates the selection and engagement of inmates from Changi Prison Complex
  • Standard Chartered Bank contributes S$200,000 towards the project and plans to deploy volunteers from the Bank to deliver the meals to beneficiaries

You’ve seen the cast from OITNB prepping and chopping ingredients, even stirring pots laboriously. Well, at Samsui Central Kitchen @ Changi Prison Complex, it’s a whole different tech game. The kitchen houses advanced machines to automate processes and increase productivity. Importantly, inmates get equipped with the latest skills and knowledge of these machines and processes, preparing them for the workforce, upon release.

Did you know that the food prepared by the inmates will go towards nourishing the beneficiaries of TOUCH Community Services, Salvation Army, and Peacehaven Nursing Home?

In the popular series, inmates from OITNB struggle to survive upon release, where the character Taystee, even intentionally commits a crime to get sent back to prison. Samsui Supplies & Services is helping to break this vicious cycle of recidivism.

To enhance inmates’ employability, Samsui ensures inmates are trained in all aspects of kitchen operations, including food hygiene practices, food preparation and operation of advanced kitchen equipment.

Upon their release, Samsui will be offering these inmates employment opportunities at their kitchens or restaurant outlets.

This role has many challenges but is immensely satisfying and meaningful. I am glad to train the inmates and pass on some of my knowledge and skills to them. I hope that they can learn from my team and me, pick up a useful skill and hopefully join the trade when they are released.

Head Chef at the central kitchen