Meet Shawna and Missy, a loveable duo at SPCA Singapore.

Missy was found near a taxi stand along River Valley Road (right near HQ!) early last year. Since then, she’s been living at SPCA Singapore’s shelter and while she gets showered with tender loving care and treats from volunteers, she hopes to one day find her forever home.

Shawna Leong, 18, is a volunteer with SPCA. Her family got their first dog and found him to be quite a handful. But luckily, they never gave up on him, and they learnt a lot from the experience. Not everyone is as committed as Shawna and her family, and a lot of dogs, like Missy, end up getting abandoned at shelters.

After her dog passed away, she channelled her energy and love for animals to SPCA, and has been volunteering there for over a year. She helps with everything, from feeding the animals, to walking the dogs and keeping the shelter clean.

“We’re not supposed to have favourites, but Missy is secretly one of my favourites…” says Shawna. Watching them interacting, you wouldn’t be able to guess that when they first met, Missy was shy and a little apprehensive of her. Today, Missy is a loving dog who loves getting belly rubs, and is reluctant to let Shawna leave her enclosure.

If you’re looking for a four-legged companion, look no further than an animal shelter. Puppies are a huge commitment, and if you’re not ready for the commitment of training and looking after a puppy, then an adult dog might be better for you – after all, they’re already toilet-trained and know basic commands!

It’s a total myth that shelter dogs are rejects or trash – they’re every bit as loving and intelligent as any dog!

Dog Lover & Volunteer at SPCA

PS: Missy is a medium-sized local mixed breed, and is HDB approved! If you think you can give her a forever home, head here.

Special thanks to our volunteer photographer, @elevated_reform, who shot the beautiful photos in this story!