Migrant workers make up a a third of our workforce and make important contributions to our nation. We see them at construction sites, restaurants and some help out in our homes. There are some simple ways to show them your appreciation.

1. Give them a day off

Our labour laws require that foreign domestic workers be given at least one rest day a week. But did you know that about six in 10 domestic workers still do not get a weekly day off? So why not give your helper an extra day off in May?

2. Say thank you

Photo Credit: Shiok.sg

Our migrant workers spend hours toiling in the hot sun building our homes and keeping them spick and span. Write a heartfelt thank you message to show your appreciation for them. More often than not, the simplest of act carries the most meaning!

3. Celebrate their birthday

It’s always a warm feeling to know that your birthday is remembered. And everybody loves cake! Surprise your helper with a small cake, or even just a card, on her birthday and make her feel a part of your family.

4. Organise a day out

Photo Credit: www.geochaching.com

Welcome your domestic helper into your home by inviting her along for family activities. Or show her around Singapore. Getting to know each other will improve your relationship and make adjustment easier for both parties.

5. Give back

Photo Credit: Biyi Lau on Flickr

There are so many opportunities here to get to know our foreign friends. From bonding over fish head curry to teaching them English, there’s something for everyone. And even if you’re short on time, you can still do something by donating or starting your own fundraiser for our foreign friends on Giving.sg!

6. Buy them a treat, even if it’s something simple

Photo Credit: Westlite Dormitory

More than 325,000 migrant workers in Singapore suffer from micro-nutrient deficiency, or ‘hidden hunger’, as their catered meals tend to be low in nutritional value.

Why not buy a migrant worker a meal in May? Buy an extra packet of noodles at lunch time and give it to one. Or cook an extra portion of curry and offer it to these workers – a homecooked meal must be one of the things they miss while working in Singapore.