PVPA 2024 Nominations
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About PVPA 2024

In 2019, NVPC undertook a review of PVPA to see how the awards could better achieve their objectives, to strengthen the nominations process, and improve the post-awards engagement of our winners.

In 2020, NVPC organised the PVPA 2020 Special Edition – The Finest Hour in the City of Good, to honour individuals, leaders and organisations that have contributed back to the community during the COVID-19 pandemic period.

From 2021 onwards, PVPA will confer awards in 10 categories aligned to the three broad pillars of: People of Good, Organisations of Good and Leaders of Good. In addition, we are introducing a pinnacle award, The City of Good Award, for impactful cross-sector partnerships. This symbolises how a City of Good can only be built through the collective efforts of individuals, organisations and leaders in society.

Why Apply For PVPA

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Nomination Kit

Find out more about the President’s Volunteerism & Philanthropy Awards & how to nominate by kindly downloading the PVPA Nomination Kit here.

PVPA 2024 Nomination Forms

Nominations are now closed

People of Good Award

People of Good award (Student)
Age criteria: 16 years old and below

People of Good award (Open Category)
Age criteria: 17 – 64 years old

People of Good award (Senior)
Age criteria: 65 years old and above

Leaders of Good Award

Leader of Good (Youth) award
Age criteria: 35 years old and below

Leader of Good (Adult) award
Age criteria: 36 years old and above

Organisations of Good Award

Corporate (Large Enterprise) award

Corporate (Small & Medium Enterprise) award

Public Institution award

Non-Profit Organisation award

City Of Good Award

The City of Good Award recognises cross-sector partnerships for good that have achieved significant and sustainable impact and effectiveness, resulting in lasting contributions to society.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on their funding status, educational institutions may continue to nominate themselves under the Public Institution category (eg: public schools) or the Corporate categories (eg: private schools). In addition, educational institutions are encouraged to nominate outstanding student givers for either the People of Good (Student) award, or the Leader of Good (Youth) award.

Informal groups may nominate their founders for the Leaders of Good awards and/or consider nominating their volunteers under the People of Good awards.

Both the People of Good and Leaders of Good awards are conferred on individual givers, but the nature of their giving differs significantly. The People of Good awards are meant for people who have demonstrated giving excellence primarily on an individual level, e.g. they are committed donors and volunteers and have succeeded in building a relationship with their chosen cause, charity or community. The Leaders of Good awards are designed for individuals who have achieved success in galvanising and inspiring others to do good together with them, thereby scaling up their impact.

We will typically only select 1 winner per award category. However, in years when there are truly deserving and exceptional candidates, the judges may exercise their discretion to award a tie.

In years where judges deem not to have any deserving and exceptional candidates, judges may also exercise their discretion not to award a winner for that category.

All sensitive information submitted would be kept confidential. However, NVPC may share the contents of the nomination form publicly with the media for the purposes of publicity, marketing of PVPA and other related programmes and initiatives.

Yes. From 2021 onward, PVPA winners will only be eligible to apply for the awards again after at least 3 years have elapsed. For instance, if you are a PVPA 2023 winner, the earliest you will be eligible for PVPA again will be in 2026.

No, you may not nominate yourself nor your own organisation. Self-nomination is not allowed for PVPA. Please kindly seek another individual’s/organisation’s assistance to nominate on your behalf. However, you are encouraged to provide the relevant information and resources for your nominators to complete the application process smoothly.

Yes, you may nominate another deserving individual/organisation. When nominating another individual/organisation, please ensure that you inform your nominee and obtain his/her consent before completing this application process on his/her behalf. Alternatively, you may ask the nominee to complete the form directly and include your details as the nominator.

The judging panel will award candidates in the category they are most suited for. Therefore, we encourage submissions for the category in which you think you / your organisation excels in, based on the eligibility criteria.

Using the given example, if your CEO is not just instrumental in directing your organisation’s CSR efforts, but is also actively involved outside of the organisation with other efforts to give back to the community, he/she may be considered for the Leaders of Good award. If your CEO is not active in giving outside of the organisation, but your organisation nevertheless has a strong corporate giving track record, you may consider just applying for the relevant Organisations of Good award category.

Companies and Public Institutions applying for the Organisations of Good award categories (Large Enterprise, Small & Medium Enterprise, Public Institutions) should submit their interest in applying for PVPA 2024.  

The PVPA secretariat will follow up on the next steps.

For organisations applying for the Organisations of Good award categories (Large Enterprise, Small & Medium Enterprise, Public Institutions), a separate questionnaire will be sent to the nominator for completion upon submission of the nomination form.
All PVPA winners would be awarded a trophy, presented by the President of Singapore, and exclusive use of the PVPA category logo which may be displayed on their website, e-mail signatures, and other collaterals. Non-Profit Organisation winners and Leaders of Good winners may also be awarded opportunities to learn skills to further their giving journey.