Overwhelming generosity of Singaporeans pushes donations on Giving.sg to a record high of S$13.6M in April 2020

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The giving spirit of our City of Good shone through in significant online traffic and donation spikes following the disbursement of Solidarity Payments on 14th April

SINGAPORE, 21 April 2020 – The National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) today applauded people in Singapore for their generosity, resulting in a record high of S$13.6M in donations between 1st to 19th April on Giving.sg. This came on the back of the first wave of Solidarity Payments given to Singaporeans on 14th April, and an announcement by NVPC on 13th April, waiving its 3% transaction fee from 1st January 2020 to 31st March 2021.

Many took to social media to encourage family and friends to donate their Solidarity Payments, including local celebrities and influencers, tagging @Giving.sg in screenshots of various campaigns, charities and causes where you could #GiveYour600. The surge in traffic to Giving.sg peaked on 17th April, hitting a record high of over 67,000 visitors, far surpassing the daily average of 3,000 – 5,000 visitors.

“Singapore has a strong track record of responding generously in times of crisis, but this outpouring of other-centredness and kindness has far exceeded our expectations, and truly exemplifies what it means to be a City of Good,” said Tony Soh, Deputy CEO, NVPC. “Extraordinary times call for extraordinary acts of good. While this surge of donations will go a long way in helping address immediate needs related to Covid-19, we urge everyone to pace themselves for a marathon, not a sprint. We must also remember the charities that may not have Covid-19 related campaigns but are meeting critical daily needs of vulnerable communities that require as much or more attention than ever before.”

Since the onset of Covid-19, stricter safe distancing measures have curbed traditional fundraising and volunteering events, driving more people to online giving. The total donations to date in 2020 amounted to over S$22.5M, the highest in the past five years since Giving.sg was launched in 20151. In the month of April, daily donations peaked on 17th and 18th April at over S$1.6M and S$1.5M2 respectively.

Sustainable giving is, however, giving that is integrated into one’s life and not only in response to urgent and visible needs. Charities can stabilise their cashflow through cultivating a base of regular donors who support the good work they are doing with monthly pledges. This is more sustainable than relying on a few large donors, or even a single donor. Donors who cultivate relationships with specific charities that reflect their own values and aspirations often also find deeper satisfaction and tend to be longer-term, more consistent givers. These donors enrich their lives by also volunteering or serving on projects, committees or boards.

The spirit of other-centred giving means moving away from one-off, reactive or functional donations (e.g. disaster relief giving or giving once only during end of year tax rebate season) towards a more personal, relational and ongoing support of causes in need or adopting causes close to their heart for regular support.

If you are new to online giving, make the switch for a convenient and secure way to give at your fingertips, with the added benefit of tax-deductible donations. Visit Giving.sg to view all causes and charities available, or download the SG Cares app to get the latest updates on community initiatives, and participate in donation and volunteer opportunities. Together, let us build a City of Good and a Caring Singapore.

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