Leaders Of Good

Leaders Who Raise Up Other Leaders For Good

Being a good leader isn’t just about developing more followers. It’s about developing others to become leaders so we can create change together. If leaders shift their focus from maintaining status, power and control, to empowering others to do good and build trust in society. 

Whether you are a corporate leader or community leader, you can pave the way for a better future together.

Meet the Leaders of Good

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Meet Jeremy Kosman, the chairperson of Volunteer Guitar Connection, a groundup that brings the joy of music to seniors in nursing homes and hospitals. With talks and workshops conducted by Groundup Central, groundups like his will be able to carry out their missions more effectively.

Chinnu Palanivelu is determined to give back to the society that shaped him. With years of working experience in finance, he serve non-profits. Centre for Non-Profit Leadership helped to match him with non-profits who are seeking board directors.

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Guiding non-profit organisations in strategy and governance, Suhaimi Zainul Abidin leverages on his corporate experience to volunteer as a board member. He collaborated with the Centre for Non-Profit Leadership to produce a Board Appointment Guide for Charities.

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CNPL is the leadership consulting arm of the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre. It nurtures leadership capability for the non-profit sector.
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Our philanthropic initiative to drive tri-sector collaboration to tackle complex social issues, co-creating solutions for collective impact.
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Our space to support voluntary projects initiated by individuals or groups, fostering collaborations on the ecosystem level to enhance giving.


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