goodbye circles
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Goodbye Circles: A Wholesome Approach to Exits

Someone in your community is leaving—What’s next? Farewell cards, farewell lunches… What about a Goodbye Circle? As odd as it may sound, it may just …

exit process
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Saying Goodbye: How to shape a good exit experience

Exiting is known by multiple names—resigning, offboarding, leaving the community. They all describe the necessary and eventual end to one’s time in an organisation or community.  …

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Building leaders: How to successfully plan leadership succession in your community

Succession is a part of growth. Leaders from any walk, whether from non-profits, informal volunteering groups, or corporates, must always think about nurturing the next …

rainbow centre social workers and the event participants smiling for a picture
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How Rainbow Centre’s Social Workers Build A Good Life With Persons With Disabilities

“When I first joined the Rainbow Centre, I realised that many of our students did not have friendships and relationships outside of their own families,” …

Onboarding application
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How Community Leaders Onboard New Members for Success

To a newcomer, communities can be overwhelming — there are so many new faces, expectations, and guidelines that it can be difficult to assimilate and …

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How New Life Stories Crafts a Dedicated Volunteer Community Journey

Intergenerational incarceration is the risk faced when children of incarcerated parents break the law and end up in jail, which on average, can be 2.5 …

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Redefining What It Means to “Build” a Community

“Community building” has become a buzzword for many organisations—from governments who want to support their constituents to businesses who want to build communities around their …