Community Leadership

What is it?

Community Leadership is a series of initiatives and programmes that create and share knowledge and insights with community leaders on a wide range with the aim of improving community experiences for all. Join us across our various platforms – whichever suits you best! Participate in our webinars, events, read our articles or enjoy our podcasts while folding your laundry!


An event series that brings community leaders together to network, learn and share from each other around the challenges and opportunities across different stages of community life


exit process

Saying Goodbye: How to shape a good exit experience

Exiting is known by multiple names—resigning, offboarding, leaving the community. They all describe the necessary and eventual end to one’s time in an organisation or community.  …

Onboarding application

How Community Leaders Onboard New Members for Success

To a newcomer, communities can be overwhelming — there are so many new faces, expectations, and guidelines that it can be difficult to assimilate and …

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How New Life Stories Crafts a Dedicated Volunteer Community Journey

Intergenerational incarceration is the risk faced when children of incarcerated parents break the law and end up in jail, which on average, can be 2.5 …

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How Triathlon Singapore Develops Youths Through Sport

Much has been said about the power of sports to bring together people, both within and across societies. As Nelson Mandela once said, “Sports has …

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Mental Health in the Workplace: How Organisational Care Stems from Self-Care

“It is important to role model the whole idea of self-care to people.” As a leader in his community, Narash, co-founder of non-profit organisation Impart, …

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How Community Leaders Can Beat Burnout

Ever heard of “presenteeism”? It describes a situation where employees neglect their mental and physical health problems to attend work, for fear of losing the …

How to foster a great community experience

How To Foster A Great Community Experience

When we, as NVPC, hosted the webinar “Beyond the Buzzword: What is Community?” with Open Jio, 21 participants gathered to engage in conversations about “community”. …

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Taking Part in Community Helps You Discover Yourself

As social creatures, most of us inherently desire the support of others to grow and improve ourselves. What better way to do so than being …

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The Important Link Between Community and Mental Health

As Covid-19 continues to limit social interactions, it has, unsurprisingly, taken a massive toll on our collective mental health. According to an Ipsos survey conducted …

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A Guide to Asset-Based Community Development

When faced with a problem, it can be easy to adopt a “glass half-empty” mindset by focusing on problems and deficiencies. After all, it makes …

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How a Pot of Soup Brings a Community Together

Cheered on by peers, some participants have stepped out of their wheelchairs. And while many volunteers initially saw themselves as housewives with no special skills, …

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How Limitless Achieves Organisational Effectiveness With Dropbox

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about massive workplace changes and has made working from home the “New Normal”. But many people have struggled with the …

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Foodscape Collective: Pursuing Food Sustainability with the Community

Have you ever thought of how the food you eat arrives on your plate? Ever wished to grow your own food or live more sustainably?  …

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Community to Movement: What Drives Action?

When her son took his own life in 2018, Jenny Teo, along with other bereaved mothers, decided to start PleaseStay, an advocacy group that calls …

families and children having a meal around a long table while seated on red plastic chairs

Tips and Tricks to Get to Know Your Neighbours

Just before Circuit Breaker, James and Siling, welcomed their third child into the world.  “It was a bit of an emergency—the child was born here …


From Individual to Community: The Rise of the #EastCoastBeachPlan

Meet Samantha Thian, a young Singaporean who convinced strangers to come together to get rid of trash on East Coast shores. It all started with …

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Making Job Transitions Less Scary Through A Nurturing Community

Changing career paths can be intimidating, especially in these uncertain economic times. Switching to an entirely new role or industry requires skills and support, not …

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How CampusImpact Supports Local Youths

With a never-say-die spirit, CampusImpact supports the aspirations of local youths and serves their needs.  They say that youth is the most crucial period in …

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Adapting to Covid-19

Community, Disrupted.  The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted our lives—travelling overseas has come to halt,  most of us are working remotely from our homes, and …