Community Leadership

What is it?

Community Leadership is a series of initiatives and programmes that create and share knowledge and insights with community leaders on a wide range with the aim of improving community experiences for all. Join us across our various platforms – whichever suits you best! Participate in our webinars, events, read our articles or enjoy our podcasts while folding your laundry!


An event series that brings community leaders together to network, learn and share from each other around the challenges and opportunities across different stages of community life

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An event series that brings community leaders together to network, learn and share from each other around the challenges and opportunities across different stages of community life



How to Build Trust in Your Community

Everyone is a part of a community. Whether you are a leader or a member, trust is an important factor in determining your community’s longevity. …

Group Photo of Tamils Representative Council Youth Wing

How Tamils Representative Council Youth Wing Develops a Sustainable Community

Sustaining an engaged community isn’t simple. It requires sincere understanding of your members—the greatest resource and asset a community can have. For volunteer groups, how …

4 Ways We’ve Seen Community Shine Through Mdm Rani and Mr Ivan Kumar’s Fostering Journey

4 Ways We’ve Seen Community Shine Through Mdm Rani & Mr Ivan Kumar’s Fostering Journey

Mdm Rani, A Positive Spirit “You should be resting already, why are you still working so hard?” As foster parents, Mdm Rani and Mr Ivan …

Nurses and Lesli

LOVE, NILS: The Healing Power of Relationships and Community

A cancer diagnosis has a life-changing impact on a child and their family. Navigating complex healthcare systems and stressful administrative processes create overwhelming emotional tolls.  …

Group photo featuring some members of the Advisory Executive and Board of Advisors

How Advisory Harnesses Communities to Empower Youths

Do you think it is possible to have a future where youths have equal access and are empowered to make informed decisions about their futures? …

goodbye circles

Goodbye Circles: A Wholesome Approach To Exits

Someone in your community is leaving—What’s next? Farewell cards, farewell lunches… What about a Goodbye Circle? As odd as it may sound, it may just …

exit process

Saying Goodbye: How to shape a good exit experience

Exiting is known by multiple names—resigning, offboarding, leaving the community. They all describe the necessary and eventual end to one’s time in an organisation or community.  …

Two women standing and talking

Building Leaders: How To Successfully Plan Leadership Succession In Your Community

Succession is a part of growth. Leaders from any walk, whether from non-profits, informal volunteering groups, or corporates, must always think about nurturing the next …

rainbow centre social workers and the event participants smiling for a picture

How Rainbow Centre’s Social Workers Build A Good Life With Persons With Disabilities

“When I first joined the Rainbow Centre, I realised that many of our students did not have friendships and relationships outside of their own families,” …

Onboarding application

How Community Leaders Onboard New Members for Success

To a newcomer, communities can be overwhelming — there are so many new faces, expectations, and guidelines that it can be difficult to assimilate and …

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How New Life Stories Crafts a Dedicated Volunteer Community Journey

Intergenerational incarceration is the risk faced when children of incarcerated parents break the law and end up in jail, which on average, can be 2.5 …

MicrosoftTeams image scaled

Repair Kopitiam Tackles Singapore’s Growing Waste Problem With A Little Kampung Spirit

A ripped pair of jeans, a faulty oven, a hairdryer that doesn’t blow hot air, and a dining chair with a wobbly leg. Under normal …

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How Triathlon Singapore Develops Youths Through Sport

Much has been said about the power of sports to bring together people, both within and across societies. As Nelson Mandela once said, “Sports has …

four individuals smiling, holding up cards

Redefining What It Means To “Build” A Community

“Community building” has become a buzzword for many organisations—from governments who want to support their constituents to businesses who want to build communities around their brands. But what …

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Mental Health in the Workplace: How Organisational Care Stems from Self-Care

“It is important to role model the whole idea of self-care to people.” As a leader in his community, Narash, co-founder of non-profit organisation Impart, …

a cup of drink, surrounded with open books and flowers

How Community Leaders Can Beat Burnout

Ever heard of “presenteeism”? It describes a situation where employees neglect their mental and physical health problems to attend work, for fear of losing the …

How to foster a great community experience

How To Foster A Great Community Experience

When we, as NVPC, hosted the webinar “Beyond the Buzzword: What is Community?” with Open Jio, 21 participants gathered to engage in conversations about “community”. …

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Taking Part in Community Helps You Discover Yourself

As social creatures, most of us inherently desire the support of others to grow and improve ourselves. What better way to do so than being …

mental health 2 image scaled

Why Giving Back to Community Boosts Your Mental Wellbeing

Volunteering is viewed as an act of giving back to our community – but in reality, it’s a two-way street. As we spend time enriching …

the important link 1st image

The Important Link Between Community and Mental Health

As Covid-19 continues to limit social interactions, it has, unsurprisingly, taken a massive toll on our collective mental health. According to an Ipsos survey conducted …