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We Are Community Matters

The Community Matters Team at NVPC serves to champion, nurture and bridge communities.

Through our resources, programmes and events, we uncover and showcase better practices of community development here in Singapore, and connect diverse communities in partnership and collaborations.

Why Does Community Matter?

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We thrive in meaningful relationships, and community is the context where we give and receive. Everyone is wired and inspired differently, and no single person has it all figured out. We’re better together. It is in doing life with others that we become our best selves. We play different roles in society that are complementary to one another.

When everyone takes ownership of their respective parts and leverages shared strengths, we can inspire positive change, imagine new solutions, and resolve issues within and beyond our communities. Our collective impact as an empowered and collaborative community is incredible. Hand in hand, we make the difference we want to see in our world.

Together, we build a City of Good.

How Can I Nurture My Community?

Welcome to the ultimate resources page on all matters related to community!

These insight pieces are the output of interviews & hosted discussions with local community leaders and members. Our hope is that by reading these articles, you will be inspired with fresh perspectives and actionable ideas to shape your community for the better!

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