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Assistant Manager, Groundup Partnerships

Job Overview

Groundup groups are informal groups who embody the spirit of giving and rally the community to respond to arising needs. They diversify and strengthen the Giving Ecosystem by creating innovative solutions, offering opportunities for informal volunteering, and encouraging a sense of ownership within communities.

The Groundup Partnerships team at NVPC journeys with everyday individuals to start and sustain their own non-profit groundup initiatives. We are passionate about enabling people with fab ideas to solve social issues through the power of the community, and our greatest reward is seeing complete strangers come together to bring smiles to the faces of those around them. If you’re keen on making a difference to the lives of social starters all over Singapore (and don’t mind the hard work involved to make it happen!), join us and discover the difference you can make!

The team supports the efforts of Groundups and builds a vibrant Ground-up ecosystem by:

(a)  Nurturing, Inspiring and Growing new & existing Groundups

Recognising that the needs of groundups vary at different stages of their journey, the team curates different offerings and programmes to meet the needs of these groundups. From curating talks to inspire more to start their passion projects, to capability development and peer learning in our signature ConneXion event with fellow groundups.

(b) Developing Resources, Tools & Infrastructure

Groundup work also focuses on building resources and tools to support the work of groundups. Development of an Online Resource Centre enables ease and accessibility to helpful resources e.g various grants and funding available. Building and offering exclusive productivity benefits and services for our Groundup Members are also a key part of our work. As such, development of win-win partnerships with various government agencies, non-profit organisations and corporates are an important part of the work.

(c) Increasing the awareness and support for Groundups

With marketing campaigns, NVPC hopes to amplify the voice and good work of the various groundups across different causes in our community. By doing so, we hope to acknowledge the efforts of these teams, inspire others to join them or start their own passion projects.

(d) Strengthening the Groundup Ecosystem

In an effort to strengthen the ecosystem, we will build our knowledge of the landscape and the groundup space with research, in order to strengthen our strategy to support groundups. We will carry this out, while concurrently building our collaborations and partnerships with various stakeholders and organisations.

Intended Focus of the role:

This role will play a key part in championing meaningful partnerships that help support the work of Groundup groups to help them sustain and grow.
We are currently looking for an outgoing soul to amplify the work of our team through partnership engagements. If you’re fun-loving people-person, self-driven and creative soul at heart, we would love to have you!

Core Duties And Responsibilities

The Core Duty would be to identify and secure partnerships to build the resources, tools, and services to address Groundup needs in the ecosystem.  

  • Understand Groundup challenges through regular engagements with groups, NVPC’s research and other stakeholders in the ecosystem to synthesize needs in the landscape and analyse and sense-make data to address them
  • Identification of potential pipeline of partners to meet the needs identified through outreach and engagement efforts.
  • Support the Groundup Membership process by conducting chats with applicants and attending Groundup events.
  • Support the team’s programme development by sharing need identified and conceptualization.
  • Support team’s KPI of cross-organisation collaborations.6. Support the Groundup team’s and NVPC’s other events with event planning, management and execution
  • Work cross-functionally to meet the macro-level objectives to grow the groundup community and ecosystem.
  • Key Deliverables

    • Identification of a pipeline of partnerships
    • Lead outreach and engagement efforts to secure meaningful partnerships
    • Securing and managing partnerships that both support Groundup needs and the building of the ecosystem
    • Support the team’s other programmes such as Groundup Membership and event execution


    • Degree or similar accrediation, preferably in Sociology, Business, Social Science or Marketing field
    • Minimum 5 years of experience in partnerships and/or stakeholder management
    • Good knowledge of the non-profit sector
    • Excellent ability to develop partnerships and manage internal and external stakeholders
    • Ability to analyze information in a meaningful way
    • Strong interpersonal skills
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
    • Openness to embrace new ideas, ways of working, and proactively give and welcome feedback
    • Team-oriented with a collaborative mindset
    • Passion for the non-profit sector and causes
    Job Category: Outreach & Partnerships
    Job Type: Permanent / Contract

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