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Intern, Company of Good Community Building

Company of Good


Team Information

The Company of Good connects organisations with a community of like-minded corporate givers to build capabilities in integrating doing good with business strategy and goals. Organisations can sign up for initiatives such as the Company of Good Fellowship and Champions of Good, a national platform recognising leadership and partnerships in doing good for the community. Company of Good serves the wider City of Good vision, of which National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) is a steward.


As part of our community-building efforts, COG is presently reviewing the Onboardng journey of new members. Presently, there is no clear orientation or materials for new members in the COG community, which results in weaker-than-expected engagements and high attrition rate.

The intern be tasked to support, implement, and integrate a new 90-day Onboarding journey for members, which combines both online and offline touchpoints.

Learning Opportunities

  1. Managing professional communications with companies and public institutions
  2. Generating media and physical collaterals
  3. Project management skills in cross sector environments
  4. Engaging companies in a capacity similar to sales and post-sales operations




Writing articles and copies for COG Portal ( and email/Whatsapp engagements

Email: produce at least 10 email copies with articles appended

Whatsapp: produce at least 8 Whatsapp copies

Online engagement: test new Onboarding journey with at least 50 members and report results

Testing integrations between COG Portal and applications used by the O&IP team

Integrations: complete test-phase of integration between COG Portal and Salesforce; test at least 1 calendering application with O&IP

Producing media and physical collaterals such as videos, e-banners, welcome kit etc.

Support the rollout of media and collaterials in FY2020 across the three onboarding phases.

Production of 1st iteration of welcome kit and monitoring it’s effectiveness.

Supporting and evaluating new and existing Comm Building programmes, such as networking tea/luncheon for new members.

Support and evaluate at least 1 full run of new offline programmes.



  • Minimum Polytechnic Year 2 and up
  • Robust content portfolio, including both written and design/videography materials

Application Procedure

Interested applicants are invited to send their updated resume via We regret that only shortlisted applicants will be notified.