5 Ways To Support Mental Health Awareness

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A recent IMH study on 1,058 respondents showed that 8.7% met the criteria of clinical depression and 9.4% met the criteria for clinical anxiety, with 1 out of 20 people having suicidal thoughts.

Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. With many aspects of the pandemic being uncertain, this has proven that prioritising mental health awareness and well-being is now more important than ever. 

To mark World Mental Health Day this October, here are 5 ways to support charities championing mental health.

Project Thrive by Care Community Services Society

Care Community Services Society serves the community to equip individuals and families for empowered living.

Above: Children engaging in social activity.

While adults feel burdened by various changes brought on by the pandemic, children too require care for their mental health. Unlike adults, they are less equipped to process negative emotions or understand negative events such as why tensions arise at home. They also tend to lack access to useful coping resources.

With Project Thrive, CCSS aims to help children aged 7-12 years old grow in resilience, reduce behavioral issues and develop social-emotional competencies to overcome their challenges. Support Project Thrive here.

The Limitless Run 2021

Limitless desires to see every youth given the opportunity to live out their potential. They provide mental health support and therapy for youths aged 12-25.

Above: Youths supporting one another.

Recently, Limitless saw more than 600 youths reach out for help with their mental health.  With the unexpected rise in numbers, the non-profit organisation does not have enough therapists to meet their needs.

The Limitless Run 2021 is fundraising to expand their clinical team. It is a virtual challenge that can be completed at your own pace and time, with all proceeds going towards youth mental health programmes by Limitless. Your contribution will  support young people struggling with their mental health conditions and well-being. Donate to The Limitless Run 2021 here.

Counselling & Therapy by Morning Star Community Services

Morning Star Community Services provides counselling, therapy and family life education for the benefit of families in need.

MOTHERANDSON 1 edited scaled
Above: A mother showing affection to her child

MSCC wishes to step up their counselling and therapy services after noticing more families facing increased mental stress and needing intervention due to the pandemic. Their services are essential to aid those impacted by their circumstances at home. Offered for free or at subsidised rates, they need your support to continue their counselling and therapy services. Help them empower more families by donating here.

#EatMoveCreate by Singapore Association for Mental Health

The Singapore Association for Mental Health provides rehabilitative, outreach, creative services and programmes to persons with mental health issues.

For their 10th year anniversary, SAMH Creative Services is commemorating the milestone with an inclusive #EatMoveCreateSAMH mental wellness campaign. The campaign’s aim is to raise awareness for how creativity in daily living activities can aid mental well-being.

Above: An elderly displaying his masterpiece.

As a non-funded programme, they continue to be dependent on fundraising efforts. Be a part of their journey and support persons in recovery. Donate here.

O’Joy Limited

O’Joy Limited is a non-profit charity that provides psychosocial care to enhance the mental well-being of vulnerable seniors.

ojoy edited scaled
Above: Seniors engaging in social activity.

With the restrictions of the pandemic, more seniors experience social isolation and develop depressive symptoms. 

To walk the journey with them and make their experience less scary and isolating, O’Joy provides professional counselling services to help support vulnerable seniors through difficult periods in their lives. Help them bring joy and hope to more seniors. Support their fundraiser here.