Strategy Workshop for Non-Profit Organisations

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  • 47% of NPOs surveyed identified ‘strategic planning’ as a weakness last year*
  • Key gaps in NPOs – ‘strategic planning’ consistently ranked top 3 since 2010*
  • 7 NPOs tackle strategy development

A recent survey showed that 47% of leaders from non-profit organisations (NPOs) acknowledged that their NPOs possess a key resource gap in strategic planning. In response to this gap, the Bain Strategy Workshop was developed to enable NPOs to better formulate strategic plans. The first session of the workshop was held earlier today.

The Bain Strategy Workshop for NPOs, a strategy development programme, is developed specifically for the non-profit sector. This programme is a collaboration between the Centre for Non-Profit Leadership (CNPL), an NPO that aims to transform the non-profit sector through effective and committed leaders, and Bain & Company, the leading global management consulting firm that provides advisory services to businesses, governments and NPOs.

This programme aims to provide an advisory platform in helping NPOs set clear, well-defined strategic goals and develop plans to ensure these objectives are adhered to and achieved. Learning tools will also be introduced to NPOs to assist them in making successful strategic plans and to analyse the dimensions of maintaining a successful NPO.

A total of 25 participants from seven NPOs namely Singapore Drama Educators Association (SDEA), Arts Outreach Singapore, Nine Years Theatre, Filos Community Services, Rotary Family Service Centre, Family Life Society and Council for the Development of Singapore Malay/Muslim Community (MENDAKI) have registered for this workshop. All NPOs will be represented by one of their respective Board members and Executive Directors, signifying the programme’s aim of effecting positive changes at the top.

The first session will commence with detailed learnings and discussions on how best an NPO can leverage on its resources to formulate a strategic plan. The entire programme is conducted in three separate sessions over three months, with each session lasting 3 hours. The focus of each session will be:

Session 1         Developing and formulating a strategic plan for an NPO          Selection of Bain tools
Session 2         Exploring the five dimensions of a successful organisation
Session 3         Summarizing key tools from series of workshops          Designing a dashboard for key indicators

* Figures taken from “Unlocking the Power of Singapore’s Non-Profits” by Bain & Company, January 2015