5 Fun Ways To Volunteer In September

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Actions really do speak louder than words. Volunteering your time can tangibly benefit other people. 

Not only does volunteering make a difference to the people around you, but you can also develop new skills while helping others.

Here is a list of volunteering opportunities for you to sign up for.

Become A Virtual Tutor

avel chuklanov DUmFLtMeAbQ unsplash
Above: A virtual tutor engaging with students online

Education is key to breaking the cycle of poverty within a family. A good education can provide a promising foundation, as well as equip children and youths with knowledge and skills to improve their livelihoods in the future. Children from low-income families are at risk as they may face more obstacles in their journey to escape the cycle of poverty. This is where Kindlespark fills the gap.

Kindlespark is a platform that connects tutors that want to give back to society by providing pro bono tutoring, to students that require academic help. With an expanding list of beneficiaries, they could definitely use your help to aid these students and give them a better chance at education.

Sign up here to volunteer with Kindlespark.

Become A Youth Mentor To Help Realise Their Potential

Untitled design 2
Above: Enlighten young minds when you volunteer with SHINE Children & Youth Services

If you have an interest and are skilled in sports, dance, baking, or even art, how about sharing them with like-minded children and youths to help them gain confidence, unleash their potential and strengths?

SHINE Children & Youth Services serve vulnerable children and youth with learning and socio-emotional difficulties. You may volunteer to mentor the youth, share and impart a skill or interest, or engage in activities together to help them realise the joy of learning something new and fun.

If you resonate with SHINE’s mission to help build young lives, enhance their resilience and SHINE the light of hope for their future, sign up here.

Facilitate Seniors in Art Activities

anna kolosyuk D5nh6mCW52c unsplash
Above: Add colour to a senior’s day by volunteering with SG Cares Volunteer Centre

Art can be a form of therapy and a source of comfort. Art therapy can enhance an elderly person’s wellbeing and reduce his or her stress.

If you are skilled in arts and crafts, this is an opportunity to lovingly engage seniors when you conduct a workshop. Depending on your expertise, workshops may include beadwork, watercolour work, floral wall art, sewing, knitting, or any other form of arts and crafts.

The SG Cares Volunteer Centres at Yishun works to foster community partnerships to strengthen the town’s effectiveness in meeting communities’ needs.

Get crafty with seniors and colour their day by signing up to volunteer here.

Be A Medical Escort For Seniors

Above: A volunteer medical escort easing a senior’s visit to the doctor.

Elderly people need care and comfort to lead healthy lives without worries and anxiety. It is at this stage of life that they require the most support. 

Ease their day as a Medical Escort with Sathya Sai Social Service, where volunteers will accompany seniors for their medical appointments and aid their mobility if necessary. Your care, support and assistance during the process will definitely be appreciated by the seniors and their family!

The Sathya Sai Social Service (4S) is a voluntary welfare organisation established by a team of professionals who dedicate their time and effort to help the sick, the vulnerable and the less fortunate in our society.

Volunteer here and give the gift of time to a senior.

Lend Your Videography Skills For Good

pexels photo 2170450
Above: Volunteer your videography services for a good cause

Non-profit organisations usually run on little resources and always need extra help to increase their presence in the community. Thanks to the internet, it is now easier than ever to raise brand awareness and spread your message using various media.

Be part of AMKFSC Community Services and support them by being their professional videographer to record interview sessions by volunteers or beneficiaries and combine them into beautifully edited video stories to promote them in the community.

If you are an experienced videographer and would like to use your skills to do good, volunteer here.