5 Fun Ways To Spend The Holidays Without Travelling

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This holiday season, bring positivity into your life while spreading warmth and joy to those in the community through volunteering. Volunteering with friends and family is a meaningful act that can provide respite from your busy schedules and lets you reconnect while having fun.

Volunteering can have a positive impact on your overall psychological well-being. The social contact of assisting and working with others fosters a meaningful connection that can relieve stress. It can also be an enriching activity for children as they develop social skills and empathy through helping others.

With imposed restrictions on travel due to Covid-19, many have chosen not to travel for holidays like they were used to. It may be another hurdle to our plans, but it cannot take away what’s best about this holiday season: the experience of gratitude, love and connection. 

Tis the season to be jolly! So read on to discover ways to give back and spread warmth despite the restrictions.

Craft Christmas Cards for #CraftforGood by Be Kind SG

Be Kind SG is a ground up movement aiming to bring awareness to the different ways people can contribute to make Singapore a happier and kinder place. They inspire acts of kindness through micro-volunteering and raising the visibility of the ‘less visible’ communities such as adults with special needs. Be Kind SG frequently reaches out to adult disability homes and helps various communities such as caregivers, transport workers and foreign healthcare staff.

nkf edited 4
Above: Crafting Christmas cards.

Spread joy this holiday season by creating Christmas cards for the residents of Moral Welfare Home, THK Home for Disabled at Sembawang, Chai Chee and Eunos. Due to the suspension of volunteer visits caused by Covid-19, Be Kind SG will arrange for your uniquely crafted cards to be collated and sent to the residents.

Get your art supplies and paper materials ready to create the Christmas cards in the comfort of your own home before sending it to a designated address.

Christmas Celebration by Blossom Seeds Limited

Join Blossom Seeds Limited in organising a fun-filled Christmas celebration for seniors! Blossom Seeds Limited rely on the generosity of organisations and individuals to fund and sustain their free programs to continuously care for the needy elderly.

blossomseeds edited scaled
Above: 2020 Christmas celebration by Blossom Seeds Limited.

This year, help them deliver a Christmas activity that will bring joy to the seniors. This event will enable  the community and active seniors to interact and befriend each other. It will mean so much to the seniors, especially those who are staying on their own and have not had the chance to celebrate with others in previous years.

Youth Outreach by HUG Community Services Limited

HUG Community Services Limited supports at-risk youths and their families. They aim to bring healing and restoration through an individualised, client-centric journey replete with a suite of services that enables growth and transformation.

Above: Volunteers involved in one of HUG Community’s programs

HUG Community Services restores agency to the youth, encourages self-mastery, and affirms each unique person as the principal agent of transformation by a youth-led adult-facilitated model. 

If you resonate with their mission and are passionate about engaging youths-at-risk, then this will be a good volunteering opportunity for you. Click below to volunteer for youth outreach and befriending.

Crisis Helpline Volunteer by Healthserve Ltd

With the Covid-19 pandemic casting a spotlight on the mental wellbeing of migrant workers in Singapore, HealthServe Ltd has set up a new crisis helpline to provide emotional support to migrant workers in distress. As such, volunteers are needed to help man the hotline daily and round-the-clock.

healthserve 1
Above: HealthServe Ltd distributing care bags to migrant workers.

HealthServe’s range of services includes the provision of GP and specialist medical services, rehabilitation and dental services, injury and salary-related casework support, social assistance, counselling and mental health programmes. Their operations are run by a small staff team with volunteers and interns.

Click below to bring healing and hope to vulnerable low-wage migrant workers in Singapore.

Send A Christmas Wish by Big At Heart Ltd

Big At Heart Ltd is a non-profit organisation working towards the causes of women, children, and marginalised communities in need through volunteering, events, donations-in-kind, and fundraising. They also work with other social service organisations to provide relief to women, seniors, youths and migrant workers in need.

Above: Volunteers packing gift bags.

Join Big At Heart this December, as they embark on a Christmas giveaway to 100 youths staying in children’s homes and rental homes. Put a smile on their faces when you record a 20-second heartwarming Christmas wish for the beneficiary children. The giveaway consists of Christmas treats and your kind wishes.